Where can I buy an Active Factory toilet seat?

You can buy our seats from most retail outlets.
CTM, On tap and Plumblink are the larger retailers that stock our seats.

The seat is broken – what should I do?

There is a 2-year guarantee on your toilet seat.
Take your receipt and go to the shop where you purchased the seat. They will then contact their supplier and arrange for a replacement seat if within the guarantee period.

The hinge is becoming rusty – what can I do?

Clean the hinges thoroughly with a soft cloth and hot soapy water. It is possible that the brown appearance has been caused by dirt and cleaning will solve the problem. The hinge might get tarnished over time and can be polished up using a product like Brasso. Our hinges are made out of high grade stainless steel, and therefore will not rust.

How do I clean my toilet seat?

 Use a mild soapy Solution and a soft damp cloth, then dry seat and hinges. Please do not put the cover down until seat and cover are completely dry. The seat and hinges should not get in contact with the cleaner for the pan itself so please make sure that seat and cover are in an upright position until all the cleaner has been flushed away.